Adam's Mathematical Art

Adam's Mathematical Art

Mathematics is an expression of nature. It is the word of God. It is the structure of dimensionality, the structure of possibility. Mathematics is eternal, it’s structures exist either expressed or unexpressed in the latent fabric of the universe. In this sense, it is a part of nature. And as nature it is utter purity, an attribute of the universe, untouched by human thought, by the motives and conditioning of the human mind.

Welcome to Adam’s Mathematical Art.

The Prints.

All of my artwork is printed on aluminum. The prints are a giant 40 by 28 inches at the extremely high resolution of 300 dots per inch. This makes for a stunning image that is crisp and amazing for your home, school, or business. If you do the math, this is a 100 megapixel image, meaning it has 100 million dots in all. For comparison, iPhone has a 12 megapixel image. Prints are also available with free shipping in 34 countries. See the store here. Also, you can view my Etsy store here.

Lion Heart
Blue Diamond

All of this artwork is available at the Adam’s Mathematical Art store in large format, 40 by 28 inches, and high resolution, 300 dpi, printed on firm aluminum.